Vincentius is the Director at Pro et Contra, and a record breaking debater at university level. His past awards include the World’s EFL Triple Crown Award, World’s EFL Champion, EFL Best Speaker, EFL Finals Best Speaker, Asia EFL Champion in Cambodia UADC, Open Champion, Overall Best Speaker in Malaysia’s IIUM Open 2019, and most recently, the Overall Best Speaker in Singapore’s NTU Debate Open in 2020. He was crowned Indonesia’s Best Debater by the Ministry of Education in National University Debating Championship (NUDC) in 2018.

Vincentius has always enjoyed working with high school and university students, both in coaching and judging them. He has also become the adjudication core of Indonesia’s most prestigious tournaments, including the NSDC and NUDC, both gateway tournaments for WSDC and WUDC.

He was also the debate motion consultant for the WSDC 2020 Team Indonesia, leading the team to win in all the prepared rounds.