Foundational Studies
The Foundational Studies are designed for students whose primary focus is self development and personal growth. There are two programs under the Foundational Studies

Level 1 (Grade 6-8)
Level 1 of Foundational Studies will have students focusing on the basics of critical thinking. Students will learn problem assessments, the building blocks of an argument, and the ways to deliver ideas.

Level 2 (Grade 9-11)
Level 2 of Foundational Studies will introduce students to a diverse range of topics to assess and debate (including but not limited to political science, law, technology, economy, etc). It will also improve on students’ public speaking skills, with a primary focus on persuasion skills.

Advanced Studies
The Advanced Studies are designed for students who want to focus  on competitions and becoming debate champions. There’s one program under the Advanced Studies:

Champion Program (Grade 9-12)
The Champion Program is created to help students become national and international debate champions. It will build specialization on each students, making them the best debaters possible