Stephanie is a debate instructor at Pro et Contra. As delegate of the National
Indonesia team for WSDC 2017, she was awarded the Top 15 ESL speakers. Since then, her achievements continue to impress the debate community. At George Washington university, she became the first recruited debate member and WUDC representative. She has also broken as a speaker in the highly prestigious Yale IV.

Her stellar achievements was ultimately recognized by the American Parliamentary Debate Association League as the Top 50 speakers in USA. The Ministry of Education appointed her as the Deputy Chief Adjudicator for NSDC in 2019, recognizing her excellence in debate coaching. Stephanie is an expert in transferring debating skills to improve academic performances and boosting personal growth and opportunities.

She hasutilized her debating experiences to aid her in publishing political science and international economic papers in academic journals which won 3 academic research grants as an undergraduate. Her great critical thinking and personal grit, honed through countless hours of debate practices, also helped her in graduating summa cum laude with a double degree.